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Buyer Basics: What Matters Most To Women Vs. Men

If you're buying a house – rather than having one built to your specifications – you're going to have to compromise. You're probably not going to find everything on your wish list in one house, and certainly not in a home that also just happens to be perfectly in your price range. Which is to say, the home buying process will force you to make decisions about what matters most to you and what you would like but can live without. How you make these decisions will be based, in part, on your particular needs and goals but, according to one recent survey, it may also be based on gender. That's because, when asked which home features mattered most to them, men and women had slightly different opinions. For example, the number of bedrooms in a home is nearly 7 percent more important to women than men. So is being close to good schools, which was 6.6 percent more important to women. On the other hand, the inclusion of exterior maintenance was 5.1 percent more important to men than women. Whatever the case, spending some time thinking about what home features matter most to you before heading out house hunting will make you a better prepared, and more decisive buyer. More here.

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